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Foreign Currency in Cyprus - currency conveter and exchange rates

How can I get the best rate of exchange to pay for my property if I need to convert my money into Euros?

Halo Financial Ltd is one of the UK's leading foreign exchange providers specialising in providing currency services to people who need to convert their financial assets from one currency to another.

Halo Financial provide a credible alternative to your bank and have repeatedly saved their clients time and money when transferring currency overseas. Halo Financial are therefore our preferred currency provider to due to the savings and customer service they provide their clients. Whether you are

  • Buying a property in Europe
  • Sending money home from the sale of your European home
  • Needing to make regular currency payments for rent, pension or mortgage transfers

Renowned for their expertise and professionalism Halo Financials team are highly trained and experienced individuals. They provide highly competitive exchange rates, charge no commission fees and offer a facility enabling you to guarantee an exchange rate for up to 12 months in the future.

Halo Financial's currency dealers are qualified technical analysts holding industry acknowledged certifications and have frequently featured on financial media television such as CNBC. The company prides itself on providing an industry leading service and 100% customer satisfaction in everything it does.

For a professional, sincere and reliable foreign exchange service, please call or e-mail the Private Client Team for further information or click here to request a call back.

Halo Financial Ltd
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7350 5474
Fax: +44 (0)20 7350 5475

5 Top Currency Tips

  • Identify your budget
  • Plan ahead to help you safeguard your future costs
  • Don't take unnecessary risks by gambling on achieving better exchange rates
  • Guarantee your exchange rate for each of your stage payments
  • Speak to Halo Financial for expert guidance

10 Reasons To Use Halo Financial

  1. Better than bank exchange rates
  2. No commission charges
  3. A single point of contact
  4. 24 hour monitoring of exchange rates
  5. Appropriate risk management strategies to improve your currency transaction
  6. Proactive account management with relevant market news
  7. Fast onward payments
  8. Confirmation of your payment with any nominated third party
  9. An industry leading service delivered in a prompt, professional and courteous manner
  10. Commitment to adding value and exceeding your expectations

A UK buyer of a property priced at €200,000 would have needed to pay £139,000 to buy the property on the 8th August 2005; they could have bought the same property for just £135,000 one month later. With the right help you can you can ensure you buy your property at an affordable price. That's where Halo Financial delivers.