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The city of Famagusta lies on the east coast of Cyprus in the Turkish sector of Northern Cyprus and is home to the islands oldest university and deepest harbour. The Varosha sector of Famagusta remains in exactly the same state as it did when the Turkish army sealed it off in 1974. Tables are still set, washing still hanging on the lines, shops stocked with out of date clothes - a real ghost town of over 34 years.

Property for sale in the Famagusta district falls into two categories. The Turkish controlled sector of the district which includes the city of Famagusta and the Cypriot sector which includes areas outside of the Turkish control with towns like Paralimni, Ayia Napa and others

If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford the luxury of a villa on the beach in Cyprus then I envy you. What a lifestyle, living on a beautiful sunshine island with fantastic views out over the sea. Beach villas in Cyprus can be very expensive purely based on their enviable location so expect to pay a premium on this type of beach property.

In addition to the typical apartments and villas in Cyprus that you would expect to find there are of course the many other types of properties for sale including farmhouses inland and other rural cottages and townhouses scattered around the country and mountainside villages.

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