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Our latest news stories below have been compiled by our own editorial team with regards to the Cyprus property market and anything Cyprus News related

Troika Forecasts the Recovery of the Cyprus Property Market
The LBDA (Land and Building Developers Association) of Cyprus and its chairman claim that the Troika has anticipated a recovery of the Mediterranean nation’s real estate market this year.

The Time to Invest in the Cypriot Property Market is Here
yprus has been facing a lot of difficulty when it comes to the country’s property market. The factors have resulted in a depressed economy, problems with ownership deeds, property construction companies and their alleged outstanding taxes

Cypriot Property Aids the Economy
Following the banking crisis which took a severe toll on the Cypriot economy in March 2013, two of the largest banks in the country had to write off customer savings to the extent of millions of euros

Sales and Property Prices Decline in Paphos
Real estate prices in Paphos have fallen by 50 per cent while sales in the region have dropped by 80 per cent, according to the global real estate federation FIABCI.

Property Prices in Cyprus Continue Falling in the Third Quarter
Q3 of 2013 recorded a decline in Cypriot property prices as confirmed by the country’s Property Price Index. Many prominent urban areas in Cyprus recorded significant reductions

Property Sales Slump in Cyprus Slows Down
The real estate market in Cyprus has failed to record growth for a while now. However, positives emerged in November 2013 despite the previous hard times. Although property sales in November this

Cypriot President Sends Back Rent Laws
Nicos Anastasiades, the President of Cyprus recently rejected the appeal to reduce rents in the country saying that it was formed on unconstitutional grounds.

Property Owners in Cyprus want Rents to be decided by the Market
A bill which was passed to regulate the prices of rents in Cyprus was not well accepted by property owners in the country. The CPOA (Property Owners’ Association of Cyprus) recently

Not All Hope is Lost for the Property Market in Cyprus
The real estate scenario in Cyprus may have been a cause for concern in recent years, but there appears to be light at the end of the dark tunnel after all.

All you Need to Know About Immovable Property Tax in Cyprus
Tax on immovable property constitutes a significant portion of any country’s revenues. All property owners in Cyprus are required to pay an annual tax on the property owned by them.